PRP for Hair Loss

What is hair PRP?

PRP therapy is a new and natural non-surgical option for patients experiencing hair loss. Here at Surecell, we have seen patients improve tremendously after treatments, and clinical studies provide evidence that PRP stimulates hair growth. The cells and growth factors in PRP encourages the growth of hair follicles.

PRP is a great solution for both men and women, especially when hair transplant surgery is not an option. PRP injections can stimulate new hair growth in people who suffer from male or female pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia). The male hair procedure is sometimes referred to as “PRP Vampire Hair Raising.”

Medications used to restore hair can be used in conjunction with PRP, only if the patient can tolerate the medication used. PRP can also be combined with Minoxidil lotion or used after a hair transplantation for an even better effect. 


What does the process involve?

  • A nurse will take your blood (like a normal blood test).

  • The blood is then spun in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP which contains a large concentration of growth factors and platelets integral to healing and regeneration.

  • The area to be treated is washed and local anaesthetic cream is applied.

  • The PRP is then injected directly into the scalp area where the hair is currently thinning.

The procedure will take approximately 60 minutes, and the PRP treatment is usually performed every 4 to 6 weeks for three sessions.

For further information on our services such as the cost of PRP hair injections, feel free to contact Surecell Australia at (03) 9822 9996 or email us at and we will ensure a staff member will assist with your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do hair PRP injections cost?

Hair PRP injections start from $150 a session. The cost depends on the condition of your hair. This is why a consultation is neccessary to determine your suitability.

When can I expect to see improvements after getting hair PRP injections?

New hair growth may take at least 6 months to be visible. Most patients notice reduced hair loss right after their first or second hair PRP session. As with all PRP treatments, results differ depending on the individual and their lifestyle. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, stress and illness can affect results.

Is there any downtime when getting hair PRP injections?

There is no downtime with hair PRP. Hair can be washed 1-2 hours after the PRP session. Patients who wish to dye their hair should wait at least a week after getting hair PRP.

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