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What to do for your phone consult:

  • Complete the appropriate New Patient Form and Accreditation Questions below.

  • Include the information required from the relevant section below in your email.

  • Email these documents to (Please put your name in the subject line)

  • A member of our team will contact you via email to book in a telehealth consult with Dr. Lewis. This will only be done once all the requested documents are sent over. 

  • There is currently a several week wait for telehealth consultations regarding an exemption.

Medical Exemptions

If you require a vaccine exemption, please complete a PCR test or you are welcome to visit our clinic to receive a supervised rapid antigen test. Please note, RAT tests done at home or elsewhere will not be considered for vaccine exemption. 

If you have a positive PCR, we will require the name of the lab and the lab reference number, please include those in the email together with the new patient form and accreditation questions, as well as the date you received your positive PCR result. Please note that the lab reference number is different to the DH reference number. You can call DHS to obtain this information if you can't find it in your texts.

Please be aware there is a $45 admin fee for the COVID-19 vaccination exemption, in addition to the consult fee.

General Consultations

​In your email please include the following:

- Describe the history of your condition/ injury, including dates, previous treatment and current status on a half-page word document.

- Any tests, scans or documents relating to your condition. If you do not have a copy of these, you can call your doctor or the center where they were performed and request they are sent to us prior to your appointment.

- If your appointment is regarding PRP treatment, please give us a call after you send over your email.

What happens on the day of your appointment

Telehealth appointments are conducted in the evening, sometime after ~8pm. You will receive a call for your appointment with the doctor.

You will also receive a call from us earlier in the day of your appointment to get history and payment so please have your credit card details ready.

Our medical staff may ask a few preliminary questions before you speak with the doctor.

Consultation cost

The cost of a phone consultation for new patients with Dr. Maz is $120, $165 with Dr Azi and $175 with both Dr Lewis and Dr. Weiss. Please note that this charge does not incur a Medicare rebate.

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