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Surecell is a leading educator in regenerative medicine, autologous PRP and cell therapies

We provide training for doctors and nurses in therapeutic PRP, orthopaedic cells and IV cells.  


Our training and methodologies are based on one of the largest data research materials sourced from over 15,000 PRP and cell procedures. 


Doctors travel from all over the world to learn from Dr Peter Lewis and his team. We had doctors from New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania, as well as Bangladesh, Thailand, Mongolia, USA, Philippines and Malaysia.

Surecell will provide the following for all interested GPs:

  • Ongoing training for the doctors, nurses and reception staff

  • Qualified and trained PRP nurses 

  • A manual for reception & nursing staff about PRP and cell therapies

  • Educational seminars

  • Phone and email assistance

  • All medical supplies

Surecell is always interested in hearing from nurses, students, receptionists and other medical professionals. To find out more about training with us and joining our team, email or call us on 03 9822 9996

What our trainee doctors say

Dr Ebrahim Heydari.jpg

I joined Surecell’s training program with Dr Peter Lewis on the 4th of March, 2022. It was a thorough and comprehensive training session that lasted the entire day. It was a fantastic experience and I gained hands-on skills on PRP injections.  


Apart from a medical standpoint, the staff were friendly and helpful. I hope we keep in touch in the future.

- Dr Ebrahim Heydari (Victoria)

American Board of Regenerative Medicine Certification

We are pleased to announce that Surecell is now affiliated with the American Board of Regenerative Medicine (ABRM). 


The ABRM Board Certification program is designed to evaluate knowledge competency in the field of Regenerative Medicine with the goal of improved patient care. Successful candidates will be granted Diplomat status with the ABRM.


Surecell will be providing PRP training and ABRM exam preparation courses. Upon successful completion, candidates will be eligible for Board Certification examination.

For Doctors

For Doctors

For Doctors
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For Doctors: PRP Research Summary

For Doctors: PRP Research Summary

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For Doctors: Introduction to Orthopaedic PRP

For Doctors: Introduction to Orthopaedic PRP

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