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Surecell and Dr Peter Lewis are international leaders in the clinical application and training of PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma)

SureCell provides Class 2 TGA-registered vacutainer blood collection tubes for PRP therapeutic and cosmetic use.


Unlike Class 1 tubes such as those used for routine blood checks, SureCell tubes are free of pyrogenic bacterial fragments which are common by-products of the sterilisation process and can cause undesired inflammatory reactions.


All Surecell tubes have a standard draw volume of 8ml and are compatible with standard fixed angle 11cm rotor centrifuges.

A study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of Different Brands of PRP Tubes available in Pakistan. In this study, four brands of Gel PRP Tubes, three Brands of Sodium Citrate PRP Tubes and two Brands of EDTA PRP Tubes were analysed. Each tube was spun through Centrifuge at a speed prescribed by the manufacturer of the brand. Platelet count was analysed in MEGA TEST LAB. Lahore, Pakistan under supervision of Principal Investigator. The procedure was repeated in triplicate and the arithmetic mean was calculated with the help of MS Excel. The Tubes were marked with coded tags as follows.

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