World Leaders in Regenerative Medicine

Surecell medical group specialises in the clinical application of autologous PRP and stem cell therapy.  The Surecell group treats up to 1,000 patients per month, trains medical professionals from across the globe and creates educational material accessible to both patients and health workers. With Clinics across Australia, as well as in Thailand and Bangladesh, find out how Surecell therapy could help you.

Surecell Mission

At Surecell we focus on the regenerative powers in our bodies. We use the power of platelets to encourage the body’s natural healing process without resorting to medication or intrusive operating procedures. We adopt a holistic approach and seek to understand the way our body repairs itself and how we can best assist in this process. 

We continuously search for more applications and better-suited procedure to make life healthy and enjoyable at an affordable cost.

Our Highly Skilled Team

At Surecell, we have an amazing team that you will meet from the first contact. While we specialise in PRP and Stem Cell treatment, we also cover General Practice at our clinics.

Doctors at our clinics will walk you through procedures and explain what to expect from PRP and Stem Cell treatment, so you know what to expect, how long the treatments will take and when you can expect to see improvements.

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