PRP for Urinary Incontinence and Vaginal Atrophy

What is ReVamp? 

ReVamp is the latest and most promising treatment for vaginal atrophy, dyspareunia, loss of libido and urinary incontinence.

It can regenerate the vaginal walls, increase natural lubrication and sensitivity, all things that can significantly improve libido. It can also strengthen the pelvic floor, to improve (and sometimes cure) urinary incontinence without the need for hormonal therapy, laser treatment or surgery. 

The ReVamp is similar to the "O shot" developed by Dr. Charles Runels, an Alabama-based surgeon in the USA.

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What conditions can ReVamp treat?

Vaginal Atrophy or Dryness

Thinning of the walls of the vagina during and after menopause caused by decreased oestrogen levels.


Dyspareunia or painful intercourse

Pain before, during or after sexual intercourse which can affect women of all ages.

Urinary incontinence

A very common (and often embarrassing) problem due to weakened pelvic floor muscles.


Loss of libido

Persistent or recurrent lack of interest in sex caused by vaginal dryness, painful sex, arousal difficulties and other causes physical, hormonal, or psychological.

To find out more about ReVamp, visit our page on Genital PRP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ReVamp cost?

The cost of ReVamp is $250. We recommend booking an initial consultation with us to allow our doctor to access your condition and discuss treatment options in further detail.

How many treatments will I need?

Frequency and number of treatments will depend on individual needs. Most patients require a course of three sessions, each one month apart, followed by annual top up sessions.

Do I need a referral to get ReVamp?

Patients do not require a referral for ReVamp.

Is ReVamp covered by Medicare?

Patients can get a rebate for the initial consultation. However, this rebate does not cover the treatment itself.